This is the sacrament through which the clergy are entitled to perform the various services of the Church. This sacrament has Biblical basis. (Mt. 28:19,20; Eph. 4:11; Acts 26:20).

There are three hierarchical ranks of Ordination. These are Bishop, Priest and Deacon.


Priest: The order of priesthood is conferred either after marriage or after becoming a monk. He can perform all the sacraments except, conferring Ordination, consecration of the Holy Oil used for sacrament of confirmation, consecration of the altar, the Ark of the Covenant, new church and new vessels. If he becomes a priest in celibacy, he can attain the rank of bishop; but if he is married, he will be limited to the rank of priesthood. A priest is ordained by the laying of hands and the breath of bishop.

Deacon: Deacons are ordained into this Order before marriage. After marriage, the deacons become priests but if they wish to be monks and be ordained priests they have to remain celibate. The duty of the deacons is to assist priests and bishops. They are ordained by bishops.

In our Church, there are three ranks under the deacon-hood, which qualify one to serve the church. These ranks are conferred through blessing and not by the laying of hands. No payment is made for receiving any of the Ordinations. (acts 8:18-26).
Ordination is not attained through inheritance but through a calling of the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the canons of the Church.