A Tribute to our beloved brother and friend Arch Deacon Terefe Akalu

The late Archdeacon Terefe Akalu (Tekle Georgis) (1968-2012)

Archdeacon Terefe Akalu was born on 10/11/1968 from his father Ato Akalu WeldeKirkos and mother W/zro Tewabech Weldeyes in Addis¬† Ababa, Ethiopia. Terefe Akalu started out his religious studies and service to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church from a very young age at Menbere Sebhat, Kidist Selasie church, Entoto, where he was thought by some of the best spiritual fathers and intellectuals of the church. Terefe was well known and liked by everyone he met for his good nature, politeness and pleasant humour. On completion of his religious studies, he was ordained as a deacon in 1981 by the Late Patriarch His Holiness Abuna Tekle Haymaont……….

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Rest in peace our dear brother and May God bless your soul.

Arch Deacon Terefe Akalu Obituary Amharic

Arch Deacon Terefe Akalu Obituary English